Tooltip building supply "Please do not give random comments on any other page besides this one to add or give out your Tiny ID. T-Rex will immediately stomp the comments on sight!"
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A way of travelling to other villages and seeing the greatness of their work!

  • Every time you tip another village will give you 100 reputation points and will give Buildings icon coins 20 to the target village.
  • Daily tipping limit = 100 tips (10,000 reputation points)
  • Receive tipping limit = Buildings icon coins 50 (Confirmed; however throughout the day, you can empty the received 'Tip Jar' and new tips will be added in the next loading game)
  • Facebook invite reward = 4 Buildings icon social (see Post Office, Hotel Prehistoria or Friendship Carving)
  • Invite reward = 1 Buildings icon social (see Post Office, Hotel Prehistoria or Friendship Carving)
  • Share success level up = 2 Buildings icon social (see Level)
  • Each Social Gift given = 1 Buildings icon social (see Social Gifts)
  • See also Social Gifts for gifting.
  • see Reputation for more detail about reputation levels
  • see Currency for more detail about friend tokens and social currency
  • see Village Roster to get a glimpse of some of the those great villages and add information about your village(s), if you wish.


  • Tiny Village Wikia is actually not the best (or even a proper) place for advertising your Tiny ID. You can do that better globally on the Tiny Village Official Facebook Fan Page in the usual Add Me Monday Post.
  • You can also type your Tiny ID in your signature or your own profile page. Remember that your profile page is like your own personal page that you can populate (if you have knowledge of Wikia editing).
  • Tipping friends is part of the game (see Reputation). This particular Wikia page has been created to allow members and non-members alike to give out their TinyIDs so other players may come and visit their villages and leave tips.
  • If you wish, tell us why you are proud of your village so as to encourage us to visit and tip your village.
  • For those leaving their Tiny IDs on this page, it's regarded as polite to tip visitors back. However, giving a tip doesn't mean you will get tip in return.
  • Tipping comments (e.g. Add Me posts) on other Wiki pages will be considered spamming. See Friend Request Policies.
  • This page is not for judging other people's villages and we especially do not want not see negative comments. You can give comments but this page is not intended for discussion. You can use the villager's message wall or chat to open a discussion.

Advantages of Joining This Wikia

It's recommended for "wikia contributors" to sign up as a Wikia members:

  • You can see less ads
  • You can set preferences
  • You can better communicate using names
  • You can use message wall and get notification (by email)
  • Some pages need a user to be registered in order to be edited
  • Can track your own contribution
  • Get a user profile page to populate and give some information about your Tiny Village experience
  • Can create blogs
  • and many more

How to Create Your Profile

You can also set your Tiny ID only once. See How to Create Profile

How to Give Tips

See How to Give Tips

Reasons to Tip

  • You can obtain a small amount of coins (each tip is worth Buildings icon coins 20, and you can accumulate Buildings icon coins 50 in each Tip Jar)
  • Meet new friends by looking at the news feed in tiny social screen
  • Some villages have a unique decorative layout and a different style of playing the game - you can learn from their experience
  • Increase Reputation level

How To Use This Page

  1. Put your comment below this article, state your Tiny ID and if you wish, the reason why we want to see your village.
  2. You can post only once in a single page
    • If your comment rolls back to the next page of comments, you can repost your comment.
    • No double Tiny IDs in a single Article Page