From 5 June 2013, TinyCo has introduced an irregular daily Spotlight Item. That day's particular item is advertised on opening the game and is available for purchase for 24 hours. It is a premium asset (i.e. purchased for Buildings icon premium but in some cases (see 26 June) for actual money).

Until 25 June 2013, the price of each day's item was not discounted but TinyCo has since offered most items at a discount.

February 2014

13 February 2014

Love Stegosaurus
Modal spotlight lovestegosaurus 0213@2x

4 February 2014

Phoenix Roost
Modals spotLightItem phoenixRoost jul9@2x

January 2014

24 January 2014

Snow Phoenix Modal spotlight snowphoenix@2x

21 January 2014

Groovy Glacier Modal spotlight groovyglacier@2x

17 January 2014
Snow Leopard

Modal spotlight snowleopard@2x

15 January 2014
Sky Castle Habitat

Modal spotlight skycastlehabitat@2x

14 January 2014
Black Sabretooth Tiger & White Sabretooth Tiger

Modal spotlight blackandwhitesabretoothtiger@2x

December 2013

28 December 2013

Modal spotlight archaeopteryx@2x

13 December 2013
Prehistoric Penguin

Modal spotlight prehistoricpenguin@2x

12 December 2013
Serene Snowscape

Modal spotlight serenesnowscapehabitat@2x

3 December 2013

Modal spotlight turkeysaurus@2x

2 December 2013
Cornucopia Habitat

Modal spotlight cornucopiahabitat@2x

October 2013

29 October 2013
Spooky Swamps

Modal spotlight spookyswamphabitat@2x

29 October 2013
Ancient Tarpits

Modal spotlight ancienttarpitshabitat@2x

25 October 2013

Modal spotlight skelesaurus@2x

2 October 2013
Sabretooth Tiger

Modal spotlight sabertoothtiger@2x

September 2013

25 September 2013
Golden Storehouse

Modals spotLightItem GoldenStoreHouse@2x

24 September 2013
Candy Habitat

Modal spotlight candyhabitat@2x

20 September 2013

Modal spotlight raptor@2x

17 September 2013
Love Stegosaurus

Modal spotlight lovestegosaurus@2x

12 September 2013
Woolly Rhino

Modal spotlight woollyrhino@2x

11 September 2013
Peaceful Primordia

Modal spotlight peacefulprimordia@2x

6 September 2013
Football Store

Modal spotlight footballstore@2x

3 September 2013
Majestic Mountain

Spotlight item majesticemountain@2x

August 2013

27 August 2013

Corythosaurus Modal spotlight corythosaurus retire@2x

21 August 2013

Giant Turtle Modal spotlight giantturtle@2x

20 August 2013

Treasure Chest Modal spotlight treasurechest@2x

15 August 2013

Emerald Isle & Incisivosaurus Modal spotlight emeraldisleincisivosaur@2x

14 August 2013

Sand Castle Modal spotlight sandcastle@2x

13 August 2013

Model Trains Modal spotlight modeltrain@2x

8 August 2013

Groovy Glacier Modal spotlight groovyglacier@2x

7 August 2013

Beautiful Bluff Modals spotlight beautifulbluff@2x

6 August 2013

Ingridia Modal spotlight ingridia@2x

1 August 2013

Skelesaurus Modal spotlight skelesaurus@2x

July 2013

31 July 2013

Tropical Island Modal spotlight tropicalisland@2x

30 July 2013

Phoenix Modals spotlight phoenix@2x

24 July 2013

Plushie Store Modals spotlight plushiestore@2x

23 July 2013

Homalocephale Modals spotlight homalocephale retire@2x

19 July 2013

Giant Sloth Modals spotLightItem giantsloth jul15@2x

17 July 2013

Dino Farm Modals spotLightItem dinofarm jul15@2x

16 July 2013

Therapeutic Taiga Modals spotLightItem therapeutictaiga jul15@2x

11 July 2013

Raptor Modals spotLightItem raptor jul11@2x

10 July 2013

Jurassic Quarry Spotlight item jurassicQuarry@2x

9 July 2013

Phoenix Roost Modals spotLightItem phoenixRoost jul9@2x

5 July 2013

Corythosaurus Modals spotLightItem corythosaurusAdult@2x

3 July 2013

Golden Storehouse Modals spotLightItem GoldenStoreHouse@2x

2 July 2013

Jolly Jungle Modals spotLightItem jollyJungle@2x

June 2013

27 June 2013

Crystal Storehouse Spotlight item crystalstorehouse@2x

26 June 2013

Sky Dragon Spotlight item skydragon v2@2x

25 June 2013

Majestic Mountain Spotlight item majesticemountain@2x

18 June 2013

Giant Turtle Spotlight item giantturtle@2x

16 June 2013

Crystal Temple Modals specialspotlight crystaltemple@2x

14 June 2013

Crystal Volcano Modal special spotlight crystal volcano

13 June 2013

Phoenix Roost Spotlight item phoenixroost@2x

12 June 2013

Ancient Storage Modal spotlight item ancient storage

6 June 2013

Brontornis Modals spotlight item brontornis@2x

5 June 2013

Flower Field Habitat Modals spotlight item flowerfieldhabitat v2@2x


  • Some items remain spotlighted for more than a day (e.g. Giant Turtle's spotlight lasted until June 22nd)
  • The Majestic Mountain habitat was the first spotlight item to be featured at a discounted rate.
  • The Sky Dragon (26th June 2013) was the first Spotlight Item to be released as an IAP instead of a crystal purchase. Furthermore, the discounted price of $19.99 was not reflected on the purchase screen on all devices - the $29.99 crossed-out price was replaced by $29.99 instead of $19.99 on many devices.
  • The Phoenix Roost (see 13 June & 9 July) was the first spotlight item to be featured twice - the second time at a discounted price.
  • The Homalocephale (see 23 July) was the first spotlight item to announce an item's retirement from shop for Buildings icon premium purchase.
  • The Model Trains (see 12 August) was the first spotlight item to hint at what the following spotlight item would be.
  • The Emerald Isle & Incisivosaurus (see 15 August) were the first spotlight items to be simultaneously featured.
  • The Serene Snowscape is the first spotlight item to still be available for purchase after another spotlight item-the Prehistoric Penguin- was featured. (see 12 & 13 December)
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