Placid Plain

Safe and secure. Room for 2!

This habitat is unique because as you add new Placid Plain habitats (to a maximum of 5), the newly purchased ones attract a higher coin capacity.

Habitat coin basic@2x
Cost Initial Buildings icon coins 800 and Up
Requires Big Rock (Level 2) and Level 4
Build Time Initial 10h and Up
Room for 2
Hurry Cost Initial Buildings icon premium 10 and up
Size 7 x 7
Max 5

Placid Plain is the only habitat that changes Coin Capacity upon buying a further one. It's first initial purchase is Buildings icon coins 800 and has a Coin Capacity of Buildings icon coins 250 but increases both in price and in Coin Capacity with each subsequent Placid Plain purchase. The maximum number of Placid Plains you can buy is 5. Only the first bought habitat with 250 Coins Capacity has a Biome.


Even though the Prices and Coin Capacities of the Placid Plain changes after every purchase, their Dino capacity always remains at 2 Dinos. In order to purchase a higher level of the Placid Plain, all lower levels must be placed in the village. Having them stored in your inventory prevents you from building a higher level Placid Plain.

Purchase Cost Build Time Coins Capacity XP Gain Hurry Cost

Icon trait shop air v3@2x1st

Buildings icon coins 800 10h Buildings icon coins 250 Buildings icon xp 200 Buildings icon premium 10


Buildings icon coins 4000 14h Buildings icon coins 325 Buildings icon xp 1000 Buildings icon premium 12
3rd Buildings icon coins 15000 18h Buildings icon coins 400 Buildings icon xp 2500 Buildings icon premium 14
4th Buildings icon coins 50000 22h Buildings icon coins 500 Buildings icon xp 5000 Buildings icon premium 16
5th Buildings icon coins 100000 1d 2h Buildings icon coins 650 Buildings icon xp 10000 Buildings icon premium 17


Biome [1] [2] Official Name Boost Habitat (Capacity)
Air Icon trait shop air@2x Icon trait shop air v3@2x Air (Blue) 10%

1st Placid Plain (250)
Treehouse Terrace (1100)

Plateau Icon trait shop air tier1@2x Icon trait shop air tier1 v3@2x Air Tier 1 20%

Playful Plateau (1500)
Flower Field Habitat (2500)

Mountain Icon trait shop air tier2@2x Icon trait shop air tier2 v3@2x Air Tier 2 30%

Majestic Mountain (2500)

Cloud Icon trait shop air tier3@2x Icon trait shop air tier3 v3@2x Air Tier 3 40% Calming Cloud (3500)
[1] : The hidden picture traits flag the same as Dino traits circle icon.

[2] : The official picture traits flag in-game when selecting the habitat.

On May 19, 2012, the first Placid Plain (with Buildings icon coins 250 coins capacity) became an Air (Blue) Biome.


These Dinos have the favourite trait of Air (Blue) Biome group:

Tier Dinos (Active)
Ribbon tier0@2x


Ribbon tier1@2x


Ribbon tier2@2x

Ghost Ingridia
Giant Butterfly
Yellow Archaeopteryx

Ribbon tier3@2x

Ghost Nemi
Sky Dragon
Shadow Dragon
Purple Bambiraptor


  • To buy a new habitat or bring an existing one out of inventory, there must be a Dino Den in the village (not in inventory).
  • Each habitat uses the same number of workers as there are dinos in it.
  • Assign a worker to a dino to make that Dinos earn coins and grow it to adulthood.
  • When a dino is being fused, the dino could still earn coins if there is a worker for that dino in some cases, but not in all.
  • When you transfer a dino to another habitat (or sell a dino), its worker automatically goes back to his or her house
  • WARNING: Storing a habitat in inventory (via the basket icon) will cause all dinos in that habitat to be sold at a price based on their maturity. These dinos cannot be reclaimed. Be sure to move all your dinos to other habitats before storing a habitat to inventory.
  • Tip: You can store lower level habitats to inventory and keep the higher level ones in your village to take advantage of their higher coin and dino capacity.