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The move mode is the possibility to change the position of an item (Buildings: Stores, Resources, Houses, Dino Den, Habitats, Storage) and Decorations in the village.

NOTE:the Magic Rock can not be moved (only turn).

How to find and use the Mode move

Steps to access Move mode

1. One can find the Move mode by tapping on the Up Arrow at the bottom right of the screen.

Ui hud main 0001 menuButtonClose

2. A selection menu will appear and includes (starting from the Top):

  • Dino Album button (Collection icon - picture of red bag)
  • Tiny Social button (Tiny Social icon - picture of TS in a chat balloon)
  • Inventory button (Inventory icon - picture of basket)
  • Move Mode button (Move icon - picture of multi-direction arrow)
  • Down Arrow to close the menu
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Ui hud main 0005 socialButton
Ui hud main 0003 inventoryButton
Ui hud main 0002 decorateButton
Ui hud main 0000 menuButtonOpen

3. Tap on the Move mode button.

Your Tiny Village will appear, without any sign of activity (factories are not at work, no warnings, no taxes to collect etc.).

Ui hud main 0002 decorateButton

4. Select your object to move

Select your object (Building or Decoration) to move or edit. Once you have selected it are blue shining circle will appear around the object. Also the Inventory, Sell, Turn and Confirm button will appear.

Move Mode 1
Ui hud decorate 0006 menu sign

5. What can you do with the selected object (Building or Decoration)?

You can:

  • Move the object to another place in your village provided that the object fits the spot where you want to place it;
  • Put in the Inventory by tapping on the inventory button;
  • Sell the object by tapping on the sell button;
  • Turn the object around by tapping on the turn button.

Ui hud decorate 0001 inventoryButton

Ui hud decorate 0002 sellButton

Ui hud decorate 0004 rotateButton

6. Confirm your move (or go back).

Once your ready you can confirm the move by pushing the confirm button.

In any step of the process you can push on the back button

Ui hud decorate 0005 okButton

Ui hud decorate 0000 closeDecorateButton

Turning the object

You can turn the object to give it the best appereance. The object will show its left or right profile.

Artemis move 1
Artemis move 2


  • You can move objects when tax are available to collect. It will have no impact on the tax.
  • Storing the Habitat to Inventory (Basket icon when on Move Mode) will automatically pop up a confirmation that it will cause all dinos to be sold.