The Market is where you can buy and sell resources. The raw market price data below sets out prices for each resource on a particular day. The market is introduced with the Market Trailer.

This building is unique because:

  • Each village can only have one market.
  • It can not be placed in inventory once it has been built and placed in your village (similar to a Magic Rock).

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Buildings icon coins 5000

Buildings icon wood 100

Buildings icon food 100

Buildings icon fur 100

Requires Big Rock (Level 2) and Level 5
Build Time 12h
XP Gain Buildings icon xp 2500
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 17
Size 7 x 7


  • You must have a resource collector present in your village to buy resources from the market (although this was not always the case) - see Unconfirmed statements for a discussion.
  • It is not necessary to assign a villager to a resource collector in order to use the market for that resource. Buying and selling can still occur but the collector must be out in the village and cannot simply be in inventory for the market to be open. At a minimum newer villages therefore need to keep a 5x5 space free to swap resource collectors in and out of inventory temporarily while buying or selling resources. In this way, some of the more recent villages can look like the older villages (which do not have this requirement) for most of the time, with no resource collectors and few villagers visible. Of course, any resource collector with no worker assigned cannot produce resources of its own, however, the market will be open for that resource.
  • This building can be found in the resource category.
  • The market can not be put into inventory

News Update

Market Price Raw Data and Market Forecast

For those players that would like to have the Market Price Raw Data and/or would like to have more information on Market Prices in the (near) future, please take a look at the Market Forecast page.