This game is about a village full of tiny cave people who want to get away from the evil T-Rex.

In order to make the village safe for the villagers, you need to follow the various quests and make sure that all the people in your village have a home and a possible job.

It starts out quite slowly but it gets quite addictive once you feel like you are getting somewhere. The further you get, the more money you make and you are able to expand your village, have a bigger village rock (something the villagers worship and look up to - the higher the level of rock the more impressive it is). A bigger village means more stuff you can fit into it that gives you even more money and so on.

I would recommend this game to anyone who likes the sort of games that you build up from scratch as after a while you just get hooked. You can also look at dino fusion page and have a look at all the types of dinos you get and they are always adding new ones.