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To show a simple way to calculate economy value of assets in the Tiny Village game since creating a village, especially a profitable one, is never easy. We just have never enough - even in Prehistorian Age.

Points of View

There are several ways to view something as profitable from several aspects of the games because Tiny Village has many ways that affects gameplay and profit.

  • Profit in Coins
  • Profit in Experience (XP)
  • Profit in Crystals

Game Elements

There are many aspects to considered, such as:

  1. Dinos = generate coins
  2. Decorations = generate coins and, for some decorations, XP
  3. Resources = can be farmed from quarries, food farms, forests etc by workers who need to be housed. Advanced resources (carved stone, lumber, woven fur) can be generated by inputting basic resources into various mills. All resources can be acquired from the Market.
  4. Stores = generate XP and coins and need resources as their input
  5. Market = you can acquire or sell any resource from the market at a rate that changes daily.

Point of Economy Analysis

Now here is where the fun begins. From all that information, we can start deciding which area to cover in the analysis, and how large the scope of cover.

Due to the level of complexity, it would be better using Excel especially in creating a dynamic formula in case the input parameter is decided by user, and can be expanded with Charts or Pivot Table. So the Links will be externalize to (free hosting and easy to use and less ad too)

The recommended list of Analysis sort with the Game Elements.

Group Name Description Links
  • Calculate which Dino most profitable
  • How many feed / level / earn should i give before selling Dino?
  • At what time should i sell a Dino the most profitable ?
  • Calculate all profit with combination from Earn Coins/hour in Habitat with Leveling & Feeding Cost?
by ..
  • Ranking of the most profitable in coins base on size, cost, return time, clickable in one day?
  • Ranking of the most profitable in XP base on size, cost, return time, clickable in one day?
  • Ranking of the most profitable in crystal base on size, cost, return time, clickable in one day?
  • rare and limited decorations should be included for knowledge purpose.
by ..
  • How many Houses needed for this resources?
  • How many Resource can be produced in the specific amount night time / day time?
  • Profit counts base on Market Price?
  • Trading Resource, when to Buy and when to Sell ?
by ..
  • What is most profitable in coins from a recipe in a store ?
  • What is the most profitable in coins from all store base on size, cost, clickable in one day time?
  • The most profitable in coins of Recipes ?
  • The most profitable in coins of Stores ?

also profitable in XP views

  • Create application to parsing and export Market Price raw data in to a more readable files, such as Excel.
  • Export Excel or the files into free hosting database MySql
  • Simple Website to show Market value for today with changes from previous and next day?
  • Simple chart to show Market value fluctuation in a Week, Month, Year?
  • Use grabbing technique to show in this Wikia ? or directly read the free database feed broadcasting.

Probably will change over time if needed.

A Simple Calculation

This is a simple calculation to calculate a Decoration's value, thanks to TravelBitten and Fanoftinyvillage.

Formulas defined:

Tax /Day /Square = TDS = (24 h / Hour in collection time) * TAX / SIZE

Return of Investment in day  = ROI day  = COST / TDS * SIZE
Size Tax Cost Requires Max Build Xp Gain Hurry Cost

Venus Fly Trap

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Buildings icon coins 200 / 8h

+1 House Slot

Buildings icon coins 10000 Big Rock (Level 2) and Level 7 ~ 8h 0 Buildings icon premium 16

TDS = (24 h/ 8 h) x 200 / 1x1 = 24/8*200/1 = 600 TDS

ROI day = 10000 / (600 x 1x1) = 10000/(600*1) = 16.66 days (Perfect Collecting)

Provides +1 House Slot as a bonus


Decoration smallplayground thumbnail@2x

3x3 Buildings icon coins 300 / 4h

Buildings icon coins 3500

Buildings icon wood 500

Level 5 ~ 10h 0 Buildings icon premium 16

TDS = (24 h/ 4 h) x 300 / 3x3 = 24/4*300/9 = 200 TDS

ROI day = 3500 / (200 x 3x3) = 3500/(200*9) = 1.94 days (Perfect Collecting)

Bright Street Lamp

Decoration street lamps 3 thumbnail@2x

1x1 Buildings icon coins 250 / 3h Buildings icon coins 4500 Level 23 8 8h 0 Buildings icon premium 8
TDS = (24 h/ 3 h) x 250 / 1x1 = 24/3*250/1 = 2000 TDS

ROI day = 4500 / (2000 x 1x1) = 4500/(2000*1) = 2.25 days (Perfect Collecting)

Yellow Star Flower

Decoration starflowers yellow thumbnail@2x

1x1 Buildings icon coins 20 / 1h Buildings icon coins 99 Level 4 ~ 5s 0 Buildings icon premium 2
TDS = (24 h/ 1 h) x 20 / 1x1 = 24/1*20/1 = 480 TDS

ROI day = 99 / (480 x 1x1) = 99/(480*1) = 0.20625 days (Perfect Collecting)

  • actually because the value too small, we can just calculate using Hour base
  • its cost will be recouped in under 5 Hours

Rodeo Trophy

Decoration rodeotrophy thumbnail@2x

2x2 Buildings icon coins 300 / 6h Buildings icon coins 20000 Level 4 ~ 8h 0 Buildings icon premium 48
TDS = (24 h/ 6 h) x 300 / 2x2 = 24/6*300/4 = 300 TDS

ROI day = 20000 / (300 x 2x2) = 20000/(300*4) = 16.67 days (Perfect Collecting)

Purple Magic Hat

Decoration magichatfloral purple2 thumbnail@2x

2x2 Buildings icon coins 300 / 6h Buildings icon coins 30000 Level 4 ~ 6h 0 Buildings icon premium 48
TDS = (24 h/ 6 h) x 300 / 2x2 = 24/6*300/4 = 300 TDS

ROI day = 30000 / (300 x 2x2) = 30000/(300*4) = 25.00 days (Perfect Collecting)

As you can see, the analysis still can be expanded into more details if you wish.

For example :

  • Venus Fly Trap also gives +1 House Slot which can also contribute to earning per hour but also takes space. Not to mention cost to upgrade into Big Rock and XP to Level 7 (optional).
  • Playground cost also include Buildings icon wood 500 which can be converted into price Buildings icon coins for extra costing price.
  • Bright Street Lamp also a middle level 23 decoration, if you want to considered the effort to gain XP to level 23.


Of course not all elements should be considered, which can make the calculation more complex and cumbersome. You can assume some elements such as :

  • Perfect Collecting (never sleep and always collect tax on time)
  • Limitless Space (assume there is always space)
  • Maximum Level (already highest achievable level)
  • Maximum Rock = see Maximum Level