Crystal Tree

Decorations crystaltree thumbnail@2x

Cost Buildings icon premium 249
Size 4x4
Tax Buildings icon premium 1 / 12h
Requires Level 4
Build Time 24h
Max 5
XP Gain 0
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 59

1st Phase

Modals crystaltree v2@2x

Who says you can't grow money on trees? The Crystal Tree is in bloom and Theodore wants one now! Get your for just 249 Crystals to start collecting free crystals today!

Limit 4 per Village and related with the event on Easter Theme.

  • Start = 7 April 2012
  • End = 10 April 2012 (Tue, 6 PM PST)

2nd Phase

Modals crystalComeback@2x

During Local Heroes Theme the Crystal Tree made a comeback together with the Crystal Bank and the Crystal Store. The three combined were part of the Crystal Trio Challenge.

  • Start = May 28, 2012
  • End = May 30, 2012 (6PM PDT)

Economy Analysis


  • This decoration marks the second decoration that generates crystals as tax and has animated light particles.

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