Magic Crystal Store

Shops magiccrystal@2x

Cost Buildings icon premium 349
Size 4x4
Build Time 24h
House Slot 0
Requires Level 6
Max 6
Notes Crystals from resources (Buildings icon stone)

Candyland Theme

Crystal Trio Challenge

XP Gain Buildings icon xp 1000
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 8

1st Phase

Why buy crystals when you can make them yourself? Get the Magic Crystal Store today and start conjuring your own crystals using ancient alchemy!

  • Start = 5 May 2012
  • End = 8 May 2012 (Tue, 6 PM PDT)
Modals magicCrystalStore@2x

2nd Phase

During Local Heroes Theme the Crystal Store made a comeback together with the Crystal Bank and the Crystal Tree. The three combined were part of the Crystal Trio Challenge.

  • Start = May 28, 2012
  • End = May 30, 2012 (6PM PDT)

The maximum limit also was 5 now 6.

Modals crystalComeback@2x


Time Resource Rewards XP Hurry Finish
1 Crystal
Buildings recipe onecrystal@2x
12h Buildings icon stone 600 Buildings icon premium 1 Buildings icon xp 1 Buildings icon premium 12
2 Crystals
Buildings recipe threecrystals@2x
1d 6h Buildings icon stone 1,200 Buildings icon premium 2 Buildings icon xp 1 Buildings icon premium 30
3 Crystals
Buildings recipe crystalpile@2x
1d 20h Buildings icon stone 1,800 Buildings icon premium 3 Buildings icon xp 1 Buildings icon premium 44


  • If making only quickest recipes, the time to recoup your investment is 174.5 days (assuming 2 cycles per day, every day).
  • Comparison with Crystal Bank and Crystal Tree
  • It seems strange that you need to spend, for example, 12 crystals to hurry the short recipe, which produces only 1 crystal.
  • 17 August 2012 : There are two other stores with a similar design to the Crystal Store: the Mystic Quartz Shop and the Arcane Quartz Shop. Those stores do not produce crystals.

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