Tooltip building supply "As of July 16, 2012 the Coin Collection minigame (better known as Chain) has been changed. The result is a significant reduction in the bonus. See the section Bonus calculation for more details."


From version 1.11 on, the collection of taxes Buildings icon coins has a new feature (announced as the Collection Game). When two and more taxes Buildings icon coins are collected in a short period of time (in a row) a bar appears a the top of the screen. The bar is named 'Chain' with the number of items from which taxes has been collected in a row added to it at the left side under the bar.

The bar starts in the colour blue (with grey as long as it is not completed).
After the 5th coin a number with Buildings icon coins at the right side under the bar is displayed (the colour at the left side of the bar changes to green). The number is the bonus you are accumulating
At the end of the chain the 'Total Bonus:' with number and Buildings icon coins appears. This number represents the bonus you obtain in addition to coins you collect. The bonus is added to your balance.

Ending The Chain

Ending a chain happens when:

  • a player finishes the collections of coins
  • The maximum time allowed time between two coins collected expires, a warning a given by a change in the bar changing its colour with diagonals bright/vague of the colour of the bar;
  • Chain Total Bonus and new chain

    Total Bonus followed by new chain

    89 coins have been collected (note: a new chain will start, the bonus is paid; see the picture, where a new chain is displayed together with a Total Bonus).

The chain also ends when:

  • a player taps more than once on an store or decoration that does not have taxes to collect followed by a tap on the dialogue pop-up;
  • taps on the Post Office, which opens the Post Office screen (the Post Office will not start a chain either);
  • taps on the Hotel Prehistoria (tapping on the Hotel Prehistoria will not start a chain either);
  • taps on any item that collects Buildings icon xp or Buildings icon premium only (for example Windmill, Wooden Bridge, Garden, Howling Cave, Giant Fly Trap and Great Pyramid).

Bonus Calculation

Bonus = cumulative collected * bonus percentage

The bonus is calculated depending on the cumulative amount of all Buildings icon coins collected in the Chain. The higher the number (not amount!) of Buildings icon coins collected, the higher the percentage of Bonus is.

First collected tax does not count

The first Buildings icon coins collected is not added to the cumulative amount (so pick a low value for this). The second Buildings icon coins starts the Chain, having the number 1.

What is the bonus percentage

The table below shows you what the percentage is applied to the cumulative amount of all Buildings icon coins collected, together with some additional information. The percentage changes after every step in the Chain.

Examples of bonus total calculations

When a cumulative total of 9600 Buildings icon coins is collected in a Chain of 32 Playgrounds (see All Decorations or Economy, 32 * 300 Buildings icon coins), the Total Bonus is 9600 Buildings icon coins * 5% = 480 Buildings icon coins.

If another 50 Palm Trees (see All Decorations) would have been included in the Chain, the Total Bonus would have been: (32*300 Buildings icon coins + 50 * 2 Buildings icon coins) * 10% = 9700 Buildings icon coins * 10% = 970 Buildings icon coins.


This can also be calculated using a spreadsheet for the calculation of the Total Bonus

Table Chain Bonus Percentage

according to Data at 16 July 2012 (7 May 2012)

Step Colour Descriptor Start End Timer (s) Bonus Percentage
1 Blue 1 3 (4) 6 0%
2 Green Great 4 (5) 9 (10) 6 (5) 2% (3%)
3 Yellow Super 10 (11) 15 (18) 5 (4) 3% (6%)
4 Orange Awesome 16 (19) 23 (28) 3 4% (9%)
5 Red Incredible 24 (29) 33 (40) 2 5% (12%)
6 Pink Marvelous 34 (41) 43 (52) 2 (1) 6% (15%)
7 Blue Spectacular 44 (53) 53 (64) 2 (1) 7% (18%)
8 Brown Stupendous 54 (65) 65 (76) 1 8% (21%)
9 Black Astonishing 66 (77) 77 (88) 1 9% (24%)
10 Light Blue Impossible 78 (89) 89 (100) 1 10% (27%)

The data between (brackets and striken through) represents version 2 of the chain and is included for comparative reasons


Once the chain is completed, the bar disappears and the message 'Total Bonus:' together with the amount of bonus Buildings icon coins is displayed. This 'Total Bonus' amount is then added to the total of your Buildings icon coins balance.

A new chain can be started. The Total Bonus of the first (earlier) chain will be paid into your coin balance.

The column 'Timer' indicates the time you have to tap from one Buildings icon coins to the next Buildings icon coins. In the beginning, you will have relatively more time than at the end (from chain number 24 onwards).


  • It appears that the very first tax collected does not influence the end bonus achieved, nor does the order in which you collect the taxes.
  • The higher numbers in the chain require quicker tapping, so it could be useful to wait until all taxes are visible and have all elements (decorations, stores) with the same time to collect tax close together. Starting with collection taxes from dinos could be a good way as well, as the collection requires an additional step.
  • It is always worth completing a bar. Try to have some small (one or five) minute items as well and add these at the end.
  • This blog gives a rundown on how to maximise the bonus from the chain.
  • On the iPod Touch, if you lock the device mid-chain, then unlock the device soon after, the chain will still be active and useful. Meaning, you can keep collecting taxes to add more to the chain. This might not work if the game must re-load, so this will only work for taxes that collect in short amounts of time.

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