This page will list typos, oddities, bugs and problems in the Tiny Village game. Hopefully, TinyCo will be able to sort them out in the next version.

Please post if a known (P, B, O, TM) is solved (using a temporary solution) or what version TinyCo has permanently fixed it.

For In App Purchasing (IAP), please check the Support page.

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Game System Information :

  • Your game is saved to the TinyCo server with a unique ID from your specific player device.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling to the same device is safe and will retain all your game information because the information is tied to a Unique Device ID (UDID).
  • Unfortunately, installing the game on another device won't make the game synchronize between devices. To transfer your game to your new device, you will currently need to contact support
  • However, TinyCo has announced that users will soon be able to transfer their games easily to another device without interaction from support staff.

Tiny Co Support

To Contact Tiny Co Support Page go to

From there you can complete a Ticket Form and it's easy to track the progress of your ticket.

Note : Please be patient and don't create multiple tickets to address a single problem. So long as the ticket is still marked as "Open", someone will eventually take care of it. For less important issues (e.g. a general query), this can take weeks, however. We are unsure of how TinyCo ranks the relative importance of various issues.

Note : Check the progress of your ticket every few days by following the link in the auto-respond email OR by creating a login and password (MUST be the same email address as in your support ticket).

If your ticket is closed, you will see this message and you can re-open the ticket by clicking "create a follow-up".

Ticket Support Reopen


A very critical problem that seriously affects how we play

Regarding Game Not Transferable between Platforms (Android to iOS or vice versa)

On 6 July 2012, TinyCo announced that it will make a one-time offer to players who cannot have their games transferred between operating platforms. They will credit the player's game on their new device with all previously purchased coins and crystals.

This does not include crystals won using Tapjoy etc. Only crystals that have been actually purchased from TinyCo for cash will be refunded to your new game.

You will then not be able to play your old game.

Breaking news!

On 25 September, 2012, we were informed that Tiny Village will shortly be able to be transferred between platforms so long as the same version is used on both devices.

Going forward Tiny Co will be offering this to players who write in, provided both platforms are currently on the same version of the game. For example, if Android is on 1.18.1 but iOS is only 1.18, then cross-platform transfers will have to wait until 1.18.1 has been released for both.

Please note that this will not be retroactive; if a player received a currency transfer between games, that will be considered the final transfer.

On October 12, 2012 the feature was released with Version 1.15.1 for Android. To be able to use it cross platform the Version 1.15.1 needs to be available on the other operating system as well.

If you are yet to update to version 1.15.1 on both your devices, you will need to contact Support in order to have your game transferred. Please be patient and calm when contacting TinyCo Support. Cooperate with Tiny Co to make the process smooth by giving the customer service staff all the relevant details about your game. See this Blog for details on the process.

UPDATE: Here is TinyCo's official word on game transfer and a later post on transfer between devices on the Tiny Village Facebook page. There is also an official page on How to Transfer Tiny Village.

No Title Description Device / Version Status
1 Game not transferable between platforms

Currently TinyCo can't transfer your game between platforms, Apple to Android or reverse. If you have invested financially in your game, you might want to consider this when upgrading or changing devices. You will lose your game and have to begin a new game.

TinyCo should give you compensation for the amount invested in the game (not in freebie crystals but actual money paid for purchases) when you lose the game, but as yet, no word has come from their side.



2 My game is not updated If you have an older device (we can't define older specifically) you run the risk for each update that your device might not be supported. TinyCo can not guarantee with each update that your device will continue to be included in their tech support and you might find you are locked out of your game (you might still be able to play but cannot visit a lot of villages or are missing new features). We are working to get a list of devices but it still needs a lot of help. ALL Still
3 Cannot Load Game because xxxx Error

Sometimes the player cannot load the game at all and there is an error message that prevents him or her from entering the game. Usually, there is an explanation on the Tiny Village Facebook page and the error is solved as quickly as possible.

ALL Occur sometimes but is usually solved very quickly by TinyCo
4 Using crystals accidentally

Accidentally Hurry Finish or Buy Crystal Deco

see Problem 5

ALL Fix using confirmation window
5 Game freezes Makes it hard to do the full (100) chain and sometimes players accidentally make a recipe they don't want or use crystals to expand or hurry finish a recipe. See Oddity 2 above. Depends on hardware Still
6 Fusion building on standby or freeze
Screen 20120620 1849

Fusion on Standby or Freeze

The problem is when the fusion building acts like a fusion is in progress:
  • Related Dino can NOT click the "Raise" button
  • Related habitat can NOT put back into Inventory
  • Fusion building can NOT put back into Inventory
  • Fusion never finishes

Currently unknown guarantee to avoid this.


Upgrade to Version 1.15 to fix

7 Fuzzy Art challenge - misleading recipe

Continue from Typo Mistake 8 above, When player uses a Wool Art recipe from the Art Fair premium store, the challenge didn't complete. This misleading challenge comes from the previous Challenge "Cave Art" that clearly says that Buying Art Boutique or Premium Art are suggested.

Temporary solution : Do not buy the Art Fair store for completing Fuzzy Art.

ALL Still
8 Bingo not showing When pressing the Bingo button, the usual bingo card does not show anything - only a blank white shop Android Needs TinyCo technical support.
9 Expansion never finishes

The problem happens after Amazon user has updated to Version 1.13 while in the middle of an expansion

You need to contact TinyCo Support and give them your TinyID and UDID (IMEI for android-based devices) and hopefully they can free your expansion.

If you already have the update and this problem is occurring, one of the temporary solutions is to never shutdown the Kindle and set the screen to "Never Off". It is recommended to put the device on charging to prevent loss of power. (This temporary solution is based on the observation that the timer only resets if you are loading Tiny Village again).

This problem has reportedly been fixed in 1.13.1

Amazon Fixed in Version 1.13.1
10 Challenge List Gone

The problem seems to occur after Amazon user has updated to Version 1.13. The Wonder Challenge and even the weekly theme challenges are gone from the scrollable challenge list on the left side screen. You can still access the new weekly features button.

Currently, there is no known solution to this problem. It will hopefully be fixed when the all bugs related with version 1.13 are fixed

Kindle Needs TinyCo technical support.
11 Fusion Crash Game on Touch

On 21 July 2012, an error appeared "Cannot Find Key Recipe" that blocked the game from loading. After the fix, you are able to continue playing the game but it seems that clicking the Fusion Building will make the game force close and crash.

This crash happens when selecting the Fusion Building when it is empty. If there is a fusion in progress or you have a successful result, clicking on it will not crash the game. However, the crash will occur after you place the egg from the successful fusion into Dino Den and the Fusion Building becomes empty.

Fixed : we can safely touch the Fusion Building

ALL Fixed
12 Negative coin balance

Negative Coins example

At least 2 players have reported that when their amount of coins reached approximately 1.1 billion, the balance turned negative and that they could no longer play the game. While the coin balance is negative, you can not do anything related to coins, including buying, collecting, feeding or making recipes from stores. You can still collect crystals from your crystal producers.This is likely due to an "overflow error" in that the maximum number of coins that can be earned has been exceeded.While this problem will not affect many users, it does need attending to.
iOS (at least) Needs urgent TinyCo technical support. Needs manual fix at this stage.

Cause relates to the cumulative earning obtained (see this analysis).

Fix planned for Version 1.15.1 (estimated early November 2012)

13 Slider doesn't work

Related to Problem 11 but now applies to all platforms.

From the introduction of version 1.13, the slider shows only 3 goals. Players have reported the weekly goals and the Wonder Challenge goals do not show.

Building the stores and decorations will not count towards completing the goal until the goal shows in the slider.

ALL Fixed in Version 1.14
14 Timer not working correctly

From version 1.13, some users have reported that recipes and decorations are not completing as expected.

See these comments for more details.

Unsure Still but see this post for a possible fix
15 Game crashes when trying to place hatched egg in habitat A number of players are reporting this bug. It is also resulting in the inabilty to load the game, even after a clean install. Unsure but at least Android Needs TinyCo technical support
16 Game unplayable - continual crashes after update to v1.14

Many players are reporting that the game is consistently and repeatedly crashing at most 2 minutes after loading, thereby making it impossible to play.

They are also reporting that a clean uninstall and reinstall does not help.

See here for a description.


Needs TinyCo technical support

Confirmed temporary workaround: Place Dino Den and Fusion Lab in inventory

17 Resources not being replenished From Version 1.15, additional haulers are needed to ensure resources operate correctly. Storehouses are not being filled when offline. ALL Needs TinyCo technical support

Normal windmill no longer available for purchase.

Certain challenges can't be completed

Because of the withdrawal of the windmill from sale, players cannot currently finish the Top Notch Service Challenge (2 of 2) (plg33). The windmill from the Mystery Crate is not recognisable by the challenge.

After the Mystery Crate promotion has ended, the needed windmill may be able to be purchased again, but this is not assured.


Fixed on 25 Sept 2012

19 Ghost Mammoth crashes game Tapping on any habitat that contains a Ghost Mammoth will crash the game. ALL Fixed 27 October 2012
20 Load error: Dinosaur ID mammth9 not found crashes game After initiating the game the load error prevents the game from starting up Some players (so far Fanoftinyvillage) Fixed 13 March 2013


Less critical issues. Can include tips and tricks.

No Title Description Device / Version Status
1 Invite Email In Tiny Social (or other Social Building), we can get free Social Currency without having to actually send emails. ALL Still
2 Invite Facebook In Tiny Social (or other Social Building), we can get free Social Currency without having to post invitation on the last dialog box. ALL Still
3 Invite SMS In Tiny Social (or other Social Building), we can get free Social Currency by sending any number on the target phone number. Apple Still
4 Share Success Level Up Even without posting to Facebook, you can get Social Currency. ALL Still
5 Last Actions Not Saved

This happens because the game didn't have a chance to save its progress to the TinyCo servers All user interaction since the last upload will not be recognised.

Ensure your work is saved by waiting for the "freeze" when your work is uploaded.

If you make a mistake, you can use this to your advantage by force closing the app - this method is not very reliable, however.

For example, if you have accidentally used some crystals, you can immediately log out or disable your internet, wait a minute for the game not to recognise your error and restart things afresh.

ALL Still and probably forever
6 Magic Clocktower and SweetHeart Garden Missing

The Magic Clocktower and SweetHeart Garden decoration and Regina's Diner Store are not found in Inventory and is also not available in the village store to be built (or repurchased).

This could happen because an Event to make those Decorations and Store exclusive only to Android Users, so Apple and Amazon Users can not view it in the Inventory or Shop.

It's only affecting players that put the Decoration and Store in Inventory.

Apple Showing again in Inventory June 19, because the Event is Over
7 Bronto Ice Sculpture not being awarded This decoration is supposed to be awarded after completion of Hungry Dinos goal but many villagers are reporting not receiving the statue ALL Happens for some but not all players
8 Maximum gifting warning continually appears

Every minute, just after the freeze, a popup appears warning the player that he/she has received the maximum number of gifts for the day.

Does not go away after midnight GMT.

ALL Fix on Version 1.15
9 Can't visit some friends

These friends have recently used the in-game transfer mechanism to transfer their games and Tiny IDs from one device to another.

They can visit you and you can re-tip them but they show on the bottom of your friends list with no Visit or Gift button.

ALL Still outstanding


Not quite critical and sometimes visual glitches also happen.

No Title Description Device / Version Status
1 Slider Only create an invisible elastic area that contain only 3 quests and makes it hard to collect coins, especially when chaining ALL Fixed
2 Freeze Worker They freeze due to the graphics of the game. The game still functions properly but it freezes due to bugs. TinyCo is still working on getting rid of these bugs and are getting better at it. Now, the worker and dinos freeze less. The freeze happens exactly every 1 minute. ALL Lessen
3 Freeze Dino See Freeze Worker (#2 above) ALL Lessen
4 Runaway dinos The Dino animated outside the area when first loading a village or Visit another village. But slowly they will go walk around inside the Habitat perimeter ALL Lessen
5 Missing workers Workers sometimes stray from resource area ALL Still
6 Haulers walking backwards The hauler sometimes walks backward ALL Fix
7 Megasize Store Store that you won from Bingo is visually big ALL Still
8 Neighbours' hauler seem to walk faster Only walk faster visually, the production time the same for all player ALL Still
9 Grey "Bad Image"
Usually happens after you reInstall Tiny Village. The game is still animated as usual but the buildings, recipe images and many other decorations may be represented by a grey box.

This is not an error, the solution is to wait for a few (15 - 20) minutes for the server to upload all the necessary files to your device. It is recommended to load the game when you have a good Wi-Fi Internet connection.

ALL Not an error
10 Mini Baby Protoceratops Sometimes the baby Protoceratops becomes very small. This glitch happens because the animation of the Protoceratops changes to be like other baby dinos with egg shells design. ALL Still
11 UI Issues ALL Still
12 Teen Skelesaurus not moving

The Skelesaurus does not move when it grows to a teen.



13 Toddler Ghost Triceratops Giant

The Ghost Triceratops toddler alternates between its normal size and a giant.

Possibly ALL


14 Oversized Hauler The male stone hauler is significantly larger when walking away (backside view) than facing forward. The male hauler for woven fur is significantly larger when facing forward (front view) than walking away. Size change is easiest to notice when they turn a corner. This does not appear to happen for female haulers or male haulers of rock, wood, food, fur, or lumber. At least iPad2 Still


Usually these mistakes are only in the description of a building, decoration or goal and do not affect the way you play the game.

No Title Description Device/Version
22 All

No Title Description Device / Version
1 Firefly Lamp 2 Wrong tax description All
2 Puppet Show Recipe lower case All recipes for Puppet Show, are in lower case Fixed Oct 16
3 Playful Plateau Dino Capacity The descriptions is "Room for 3!" while in game is 4 Dinos Fixed
4 Comfy Cushions and Beanbag Boutique Description "40% More from Buildings icon wovenfur" but should be "40% More from Buildings icon stone" Recipes changed Oct 16
5 Pumpkin Carraige Should be Carriage. See Fairy Tales Theme Fixed
6 DIno

Should be Dino. see Dino Week

Description of a Dino Week Challenge "Learn Your Biomes". Double Upper Case Letter

7 Campting Tent Should be Camping Tent. See Summer Camp Theme Fixed
8 Fuzzy Art typo Typo in Fuzzy Art Challenge (g50c) to "Make 3 art items from fur" should be "Make 3 art items from woven fur".... so you need to use WOVEN Fur to complete the goal Fixed
9 Fine Furnishing (2 of 6) typo Typo Description for Fine Furnishing (2 of 6) (ff02) which is "Build a Comfy Cushions or Beanbag Botique" should be "Build a Comfy Cushions or Beanbag Boutique" Fixed on 17 Oct 2012
10 Level 34 Unlock Misleading When a player levels up to Level 34, there will be a "Congratulations" picture showing that he or she has unlocked the Apple Store and Cherry Store. This is incorrect because the Fruit Theme Stores are unlocked at Level 38. Fixed on 20 Nov 2012
11 Decoration named Dredle The description of the decoration introduced on December 10, 2012 under the name Dredle is known as Dreidel. The description is claimed to be wrong. Fixed on 12 Dec 2012
12 Transport Department Recipe lower case All recipes for Transport Department, are in lower case which are ticket, reservation and license. Fixed on 19 Dec 2012
14 Piggy Bank for Level 5 Medium recipe is misspelt "Nickes" instead of "Nickels" Fixed on 19 Dec 2012
13 Colosseum Challenge Step 4 of 9 One of the Training Dinos (Step 4 of 9) challenge goals is to "Complete 2 Dino Perch Recipes" should be "Complete 1 Dino Perch Recipe" Fixed on 20 Dec 2012
15 Bingo Wave 10 For players level 20 and above, the "Holiday Bingo (# of 3)" challenge is incorrectly described as "Harvest Bingo (# of 3)" Fixed on 20 Dec 2012
16 Red Wooden Tile Tile is mispelt "Tlle" - see Modern Transport Theme Fixed Jan 4, 2013
17 Sabretooth Toy Dino Dino is mispelt "DIno" (with an uppercase I) - see Toys & Games Week Theme Fixed Jan 4, 2013
18 Sabertooth Sabretooth is mispelt as "Sabertooth" in: Fixed Jan 4, 2013
19 Zombie Apocalypse Apocalypse is mispelt - see Halloween Week Theme Fixed Jan 4, 2013
20 Silver Torch Silver is mispelt "SIlver" (with an uppercase I) - see Village Games Theme Fixed Jan 4, 2013
21 Bungalow Bungalow is mispelt "Bunglow" (without an "a") - see Holiday Mania Event
  • Blue Beach Bunglow
  • Pink Beach Bunglow
Fixed Jan 4, 2013

No Title Description Device / Version